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How to care for hair during the change of season

How to care for hair during the change of season

Summer, as we know is one of the most beautiful times of the year, we look forward to it and can't wait to have fun and enjoy carefree and relaxing moments.
But summer also brings with it dry and brittle hair, this is due to factors such as saltiness, chlorine, wind, but especially excessive exposure to sunlight.
After the stress they undergo during the summer period, our hair is also exposed to further stress, namely the change of seasons.
This phenomenon is especially intense in autumn, this is because from September to November, plant and animal living organisms adapt to the lowering of temperature in preparation for winter: trees lose their leaves, animals change their hair, and humans lose their hair.
So this is not a cliché but hair loss in autumn is a real problem that affects both women and men. The motivation is related to the normal life cycle and renewal of hair.
Fall hair loss in autumn generally occurs between September and November, when certain hormonal processes lead to an increase in falling hair.
Influencing normal hair loss in autumn are changes in light and temperature, which have a direct effect on the secretions of melatonin (the hormone that regulates sleep/wake), melanin (a hormone involved in the light/dark regulation process) and prolactin, hormones that stimulate follicles and therefore influence the stages of hair growth and loss.
To safeguard the health of your hair, it is essential to care for and protect it both, with specific products, such as shampoos and dietary supplements, and by following some tips.

10 tips for your hair care

Here are some tips for your hair care routine, valid whether you have curly or straight hair, at this particular time of year:

  • nourish your hair from the inside, the important vitamins for hair are especially the b vitamins, among them biotin exerts a very important action by promoting the metabolism of some key substances for the well-being of skin, nails and hair, especially in case of hair loss. Another hair-friendly substance is millet, which is rich in mineral salts (magnesium, phosphorus, iron, silicon), vitamins (B1, PP), proteins of high biological value with sulfur amino acids (especially cystine and methionine), making it a useful food in cases of brittle nails and hair. Another substance that is very important for hair health is zinc, a substance that participates in cell growth (the order of the day when it comes to hair) and is essential for the absorption of certain proteins, the hair's constituent substances. It also contributes to normal hormonal activities, often linked with healthy, strong hair;
  • massages the scalp; this is because massage stimulates blood circulation and hair growth. It is important to do it with a dry head, because during and after washing the hair is more sensitive. So before washing, gently massage the scalp starting from the hairline and proceed to the nape of the neck. At this stage, the application of a lotion helps the penetration of the active ingredients in it into the shaft;
  • avoid shampooing your hair with water that is too hot; the high temperature of the water also raises the temperature of the scalp, as a result, blood circulation is accelerated and the amount of sebum secretion increases; therefore, the hair will tend to get dirty sooner. In addition, washing hair with water that is too hot also opens the cuticles, generating the hated split ends;
  • use products with vegetable oils to nourish your hair giving it softness and shine. We particularly recommend sweet almond oil, which is rich in vitamins and fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic that give it soothing, elasticizing and antioxidant properties that are a real boon for your hair. Coconut oil, which in addition to nourishing and polishing hair, is emollient and moisturizing. Olive oil rich in fatty acids, including linoleic acid that softens dry hair and makes it soft and easy to comb. Castor oil with strengthening, restructuring and softening properties;
  • brush your hair but not when wet, despite claims to the contrary combing your hair daily stimulates its growth, removes impurities, split ends and pollution particles, making your hair shinier. In these cases, however, it is important to avoid wet hair that under these conditions the hair fiber is more porous and sensitive to external aggressions, making it more vulnerable and prone to breakage;
  • finalize the wash with a rinse , Washes done with plain water, thus limestone, make the hair dull and dull. The acid rinse is a procedure that ends the washing cycle and rebalances the PH, leaving hair soft and shiny. Simply dilute 3 tablespoons of vinegar in a liter and a half of water and then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. The latter, with its astringent and disinfectant properties, reinforces the benefits of vinegar and thoroughly degreases the hair;
  • do not rub the hair with a towel; to avoid ruining the hair fiber, it is best to gently pat the hair dry and then wrap it in a turban, not too tightly, for up to 5 minutes. To absorb moisture without incurring so-called "frizz" and keep your hair smooth, it is recommended to use a microfiber towel;
  • dry your hair without stressing it; using a blow dryer and other tools designed for hair styling incorrectly can casare damage to the hair structure. As a first step, it is essential to apply a heat protectant and use the hair dryer at an intermediate temperature keeping it 20-30 cm away from the hair;
  • protect your hair at the beach and pool, before diving into the water, wet your hair and apply some conditioner or a specific oil to form a protective film;
  • trim your hair, if during the summer photo-exposure has caused too much damage, it may be essential to resort to a trim that will immediately make your hair look healthier and stronger.

Products to cope with hair loss during the change of season

During this period it can also be very useful to strengthen the structure of your hair with special products.
In this regard, we recommend Rigenforte Shock Lotion, an integral part of ESI's Rigenforte treatment, which is rich in nourishing, tonic and strengthening principles for the hair and hair bulbs, designed to prevent temporary hair loss and initial weakening of the hair.
In fact, application of the Rigenforte Shock Lotion and skin massage constitute a treatment with a preventive action against thinning hair, promoting the physiological functions of the scalp.
Another useful product for strengthening hair is the AnnurKap supplement containing AnnurtriComplex, derived from the PGI Campania melannurca, whose properties that make it suitable for combating hair loss. Completing the formula are zinc, selenium, copper and biotin, which together help maintain normal hair and prevent hair loss.
From the AnnurKap line we also recommend the anti-hair loss rows, also made from annurca apple, which can strengthen the structure of the hair while preventing it from falling out.
To cope with this period, we also recommend products from Bios Line's BIOKAP line. In particular the anti-fall strengthening shampoo a specific treatment to strengthen and reinforce hair, both for men and women. It is useful in peridiums in which the hair appears fragile and falls excessively, also due to stress, such as during the change of season.
From the same line, we recommend Biokap anti-fall strengthening lotion; this lotion is also designed to toughen and strengthen hair. Using the product with skin massage allows the hair to perform its functions and prevents it from falling out.
From the same line we recommend the anti-fall millet woman and anti-fall millet man supplements formulated specifically for men and women. The former is a dietary supplement specially formulated for women with trichofoltil complex, copper, which contributes to normal hair pigmentation, and biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. It contains iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, sulfur amino acids such as cystine and methionine, Millet and Soy. Completing the formulation are silicon, zinc and selenium, which help maintain normal hair. The second is designed for men-in fact, unlike the first, its formula is enriched with taurine, amino acids such as cystine and methionine, millet, pomegranate, with antioxidant action, and Serenoa. These two supplements strengthen the structure of the hair, slowing its fall and at the same time contributing to normal pigmentation 

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