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APIAFCO Convention

APIAFCO Convention

A convention has been signed between FarmaciaCasa and APIAFCO aimed at helping all people who are affected by "psoriasis" and more generally by skin-related diseases.

Since 2017, the Associazione Psoriasici Italiani Amici della Fondazione Corazza (APIAFCO) has been fighting daily for the right to health and quality of life for psoriatic patients and, as of 2021, for atopic patients as well.

Psoriasis is a noncontagious, autoimmune and disabling skin disease whose causes are still unclear today. To date, there is no cure-all therapy, but there is a possibility to manage the condition.

Whereas, atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by the presence of lesions on the skin and itching, factors that impact quality of life among those with the condition.

APIAFCO wants to be a point of reference for sufferers of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, working for their systematic involvement in the care pathway, to see these pathologies recognized within health policies and to define the best care pathway needed by those who suffer from these pathologies.

The agreement signed between us and APIAFCO provides 25 percent cashback for all APIAFCO members who purchase products related to skin conditions such as psoriasis and chronic dermatitis (drugs, cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals) at our locations.

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